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  • Change makers

    From within the design world, there is a growing readiness to tackle the big systemic problems of our time: scarcity of raw materials, growing social inequality and increasing migration due to conflicts. For designers, these problems are not a threat but rather an opportunity to create something new. This series features seven interviews with ‘changemakers’; designers who adopt a critical stance and appeal for urgent change.

  • ING Unseen Talent Award 2017

    The ING Unseen Talent Award is an exclusive photography award created by ING and Unseen, focused on new photographt talent.

  • Making Space for Lace

    In this vlog series lace correspondent Lotte Bloem takes the viewer behind the scenes of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen to follow the re-assesment process closely.

  • 100 years of De Stijl

    In 2017, the Netherlands is celebrating the De Stijl, the iconic artistic movement based around straight lines and primary colours. De Stijl artists turned their hands to painting and sculpture, architecture, industrial design, typography and even to literature and music. Museums and art institutes throughout The Netherlands organise exhibitions and many other inspiring events about De Stijl to celebrate this fact.

  • Paulo the Parrot - Boijmans Language and Numeracy Programme

    Paulo the Parrot lives in the museum and he knows his way around. But sometimes he has a surprising encounter with some art works..

  • Iconic exhibitions in the 20th century

    A five part video series about ‘Iconic exhibitions in the 20th century’. Key figures in the art scene like Carel Blotkamp, Sanneke Huisman and Zoro Feigl talk about the significance of legendary exhibitions like Moving Movement in the Stedelijk Museum (1961), the Mondrian exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum (1966) and Sonsbeek beyond law and order (1971).

  • Slow Food: Still Lifes of the Golden Age

    Cheese, meat and sweets were often depicted in the 17th century. But what exactly are all those things we see in the still lifes? And are those delicious foods still available today? Presentor Andrea van Pol went 17th-century grocery shopping, especially for the Mauritshuis.

  • Footprint. The tracks of shoes in fashion

    With 600 unique shoes, the exhibition FootPrint, MoMu, presented the craftsmanship and artistic vision that left a mark on the fashion scene of its time.