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The Middelheim Museum is a unique institution where the amazing interplay between art and nature results in exceptional experiences. 

The open-air museum showcases modern and contemporary art amidst a green park setting. Works by artists such as Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, Rik Wouters, Juan Muňoz, Panamarenko, Chris Burden, Dan Graham, Ai Weiwei and Roman Signer provide a unique overview of more than a century of visual arts.

Every year the Museum sends out an invitation to renowned and promising artists. Freed from the typical “white cube” of a museum hall, the artists interact with the endless opportunities offered by the park and the existing collection. This inspires them to create new work, custom-made for the Middelheim Museum. In the past, the Museum has already collaborated with Berlinde De Bruyckere, Wim Delvoye, Yoshitomo Nara, Paul McCarthy, Chris Burden, John Körmeling, Erwin Wurm etc.

With an annual average of 300,000 visitors and free entry, the Middelheim Museum is a gateway to modern and contemporary art for young and old, from nature lovers to art experts. Culture and recreation come together in perfect harmony.


Middelheim Museum
Middelheimlaan 61
2020 Antwerp

14 videos

  • The day I became a work of art - Judith van den Berg

    Interactive project of the Dutch artist Judith van den Berg for Middelheimmuseum, performed summer 2017. “Hello sir, madam, today is a very special day at the Middelheim Museum. It is The day I became a work of art. Shall I explain to you what it is about?” Project staff approached visitors this way when they entered the Middelheimmuseum, and invited them to become part of the project.

  • Recall Sculpture

    The Recall Sculpture exhibition presents 41 small sculptures created between the 1950s and the 1970s. They can be considered precursors of contemporary art today.

  • Remaking 'Never Mind' by Richard Deacon

    The central focus in this film is on the refabrication of the sculpture Never Mind (1993), by Richard Deacon (Wales, °1949), made for the exhibition SOME TIME in the Middelheim Museum.

  • Richard Deacon – SOME TIME

    Introduction video about the exhibition of the British artist Richard Deacon – SOME TIME in the Middelheim Museum and Park Antwerp.

  • Roman Signer - Projet pour un jardin

    Film about the Antwerp Middelheim Museum exhibition PROJET POUR UN JARDIN of the Swiss artist Roman Signer.

  • Cluster

    Originally Peter Rogiers wanted to become a cartoonist, but almost accidentally became a sculptor. In this video he shows you his working progress.

  • Beeldig lopen

    Beeldig Lopen Guide’s Running Tours are made for people interested in sport and nature.

  • Meet me @ Middelheimmuseum

    Guided tours for people with incipient and moderate dementia

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