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With a constant flow of 200,000 visitors annually, the Groninger Museum is one of the most important museums in the Netherlands. 

The Groninger Museum is regarded as a national and international highlight of post-modern architecture. It is known for its extraordinary construction, designed by Italian architect Alessandro Mendini and the Austrian architectural office Coop Himmelb(l)au, while the interior was designed by designers Philippe Starck and Michele de Lucchi, and recently by Studio Job, Maarten Baas and Jaime Hayon.

The Museum owns a historical collection consisting of archaeological discoveries, traditional costumes, and import and export porcelain. In the domain of modern and present-day art, the Museum has a unique collection of paintings by De Ploeg artists’ association and collections of Italian post-modern design, installation art, staged photography, and fashion.

Groninger Museum
Museumeiland 1
9711 ME Groningen
The Netherlands

15 videos

  • Hide & Seek, Maarten Baas

    To talk about his new exhibition in the Groninger Museum, filmmaker Sije Kingma visited Dutch designer Maarten Baas in his studio and followed him during Dutch Design Week.

  • Rodin - Genius at work

    A small peek in the exhibition 'Rodin - Genius at Work' on display in Groninger Museum.

  • Louise Jordan: inspired by Isaac Israëls

    English singer songwriter Louise Jordan was commissioned by the Groninger Museum to write a song for the portrait of Aletta Jacobs, painted by Isaac Israëls in 1920.

  • Making of 'Simirone' by Ode to the Quiet

    Soundtrack of Mendini's design for a vase 'Simirone', made by the Dutch band ‘Ode to the Quiet’. Alessandro Mendini is the main architect of the Groninger Museum.

  • David Bowie in Retrospect

    More than 200,700 people have come to see David Bowie is at the Groninger Museum.

  • Branching Fields

    De Graaf makes extremely vulnerable, fragile and temporary sculptures out of cardboard, wire, tape and cellophane, which she transforms into extraordinary constructions.

  • The Wild - New Wild

    Explore the art works and development of German Expressionism.

  • Joris Laarman - Makerchair

    Joris Laarman explores the possibilities of different techniques in combination with pure handicraft in his series Makerchairs.

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