Mark Rothko 14:34 Siobhán Hapaska 07:09 We Live Art: Geert Verbeke – Collecting is a Disease 15:36 The Future of Fashion is Now at the cutting edge of fashion and art Romantic Fashions - Mr Darcy meets Eline Vere 12:45 The Future of Fashion is Now - Digest Design 03:05 The Future of Fashion is Now - Olek 03:19 Marlene Dumas: The Image as Burden 13:41 Centraal Museum ARTtube Live - The Future of Fashion is Now The Frik Collection 06:09 Titus Goes Traveling 03:22 Sef Peeters - I want to be light-hearted 05:58 About ARTtube 01:34 Series: Collectors About their love for the arts and their relationship with artists and museums. Robert Zandvliet in De Pont 04:47 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Series: On The Move Storytelling in Contemporary Photography and Graphic Design Sit-in with Piet Paris 05:18 De Ateliers DEBUT SERIES: Alex Dordoy - Sleepwalker 09:52 We Live Art: Peter Verhelst. The miracle of intensified reality 09:40 Series: We Live Art portraits of people whose lives have been changed by art Augustas Serapinas 04:00 M HKA Bad Thoughts: Collection Sanders - exhibition 06:59 Red Yellow Blue at the Stedelijk 06:18 Stone in water - Land art at the 1st Maasvlakte Rotterdam 07:42 Bad Thoughts: Collection Sanders - at home 07:00 The Puzzle That Is The Boijmans... 05:15 Want to stay up to date about ARTtube? Opera at the Stedelijk 02:45 The Vincent Award 04:10 Public Art Depot in 3D 14:48 Makers: Drawing 10:36 Liu Wei 04:24 Mark Manders: the toilet Rietveld never made 04:39 Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Dutch Profiles 96 Dutch architects, graphic, product and fashion designers Atelier Remy&Veenhuizen: concrete chair 01:57 Focus Beijing. The story of a Dutch couple who go to China 29:30 How to discover art in 28 minutes 34:17 N is for Nobson 08:03 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Boijmans TV final episode - DePot 15:45 Framing Sculpture - Anne Vegter 10:03 ARTtube in education Primary
ARTtube in education Secondary
Behind the scenes of Boijmans TV - Public Art Depot 02:09 Thomas Rentmeister - Whiteware installation 02:30 The return of Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III 06:06 Makers: PHOTO 13:21 BoijmansTV - Making Of 09:29 Matthias Weischer 12:51 Public Art Depot - Treasure Room of Rotterdam 02:11 El Hotel Eléctrico - Rooms Available 07:25 Jeff Wall - Tableaux Pictures Photographs 1996-2013 08:22 Elad Lassry 06:00 Marcel Wanders - Pinned Up 03:23 Searching for the Sleeping Muse 04:53 The Gijs + Emmy Spectacle 06:25 Rietveld's little red chair 02:52 Anne Wenzel - The Opaque Palace 04:14 Biography of a Drawing 03:59 Paul Klemann - The Upper Room 06:06 Framing Sculpture 10:41 Mondrian and Cubism - Paris 1912-1914 11:05 Marcel van Eeden wins the Ouborg Prize 2013 05:17 Dutch Profiles: Marcel Wanders 06:47 Makers: PUR 12:33 Series: Art Rocks! Boijmans Music Competition What the Art?! Roderick Hietbrink (video and performance) 08:17 Klaske Oenema about the Four Last Things 02:52 M HKA - Meeting Points 7 04:34 Sabine Hornig 08:21 Kazimir Malevich and the Russian Avant-Garde 05:18 Tejo Remy about 'You Can't Lay Down Your Memory' 01:52 Mouth harp player Danibal about this forgotten instrument 04:52 Philip-Lorca diCorcia at De Pont 04:59 Scheltens & Abbenes - Unfolded 07:50 My Malevich 13:49 Pipilotti Rist - Expecting 02:34 Kerry James Marshall - Painting and Other Stuff 07:25 We Live Art: My Monastery is my Studio 07:50 Super Malevich 03:14 Art Twists with Kazimir 03:14 Makers Innovation in material and design Museum Jan Cunen Monuments for Malevich 35:00 Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam Henry Moore: Wall Relief No.1 08:22 Marcel Duchamp, An artist - Anartist 14:15 David Bade 05:02 Harmen de Hoop 02:56 Mike Kelley 05:52 A. van Campenhout 05:44 Maartje Folkeringa 05:36 Henk Wildschut - Calais, December 2012 06:47 Peter Zegveld - Parable in motion 05:21 De Pont What the Art?! Koos Breukel (photography) 07:48 Overview
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